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Billing Services drive your company to succeed

By using ABS as your billing specialists you are investing in a group that can handle both simple and complex insurance billing coding and collection, resulting in proper compensation for your business.

These, among others, are the services that we provide:
  • Daily processing of primary and secondary claims.
  • Immediate reporting to our clients through daily electronic transmissions with insurance EOB information.
  • Timely posting of EOB.
  • Continuous case management that includes frequent follow-up On correction, reconsideration and appeal of all denied claims.
  • Assistance with the management like demographics changes of our client’s insurance account.

By providing such a comprehensive support, we strive to eliminate the stress that insurance billing and coding collection can cause to our clients. We know how to get claims paid and how to deal with insurance companies. We will provide a personalized service and a superior quality of work. Our staff is very well versed in billing and responds promptly to any question or concern you may have. We guarantee a collection process aimed at maximizing reimbursement from insurances and is not affected by issues that may arise within our client’s practices

A Cost-Effective Decision

  • All our services are available for a single all-inclusive fee when you have us as your billing company.
  • You will pay Absolute Billing Service only when your medical services are paid.
  • Our medical billing specialists will relieve your business of the burden of healthcare billing and collection , allowing you to focus solely on the provision of medical services.
  • No long Term Contracts- Cancel anytime: We do not have any long-term contacts. You can cancel our contract at any time if you are not satified with our work. ABS can aslo cancel the contract if we feel that someone can fulfill your needs better than us.

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We specialize in the following billing areas:

  • All medical specialties
  • Emergency Services
  • General Surgery
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • Mental and Behavioral Health
  • General Radiology and Diagnostic Centers
  • Accidents